Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Highlights from the International Motorcycle Show

I know I have been posting a lot lately but I am just so damn
ready to get back on the bike!
This past weekend was the International Motorcycle Show at
the Rock Financial Showplace in Novi, MI. We couldn't ride
there like we did last year because it was -11F and snowy as
hell. Anyways the show was cut back this year with many big
names missing out on the fun. KTM, Aprilia, BMW, and
Victory did not make the show. However, Harley-Davidson
had one of the biggest showings I had ever seen. Ducati had
an amazing spread as well, with a stunt show and Nicky
Hayden's new ride. A company called SuckerPunch Sally's
had maybe the best booth set up. They had a ton of custom
built bobbers that kept ya wishin' ya had more money to spend.
Met a ton of cool people, talked about riding, on and off road,
and did a little bit of drooling. Not a bad way to spend a Sunday

This is Valentino Rossi's bike, you can buy one of your
very own for $21,900.

This was a cool little BMW chop. The owner said that it
was "fast as hell and equally unreliable". He let me sit on
it. hehe

This was a SuckerPunch Sally cafe racer. It was

Nicky Hayden's new ride for the 2010 Moto GP season.
It looks scary and awesome and stupid fast. Maybe he'll
do a little better this year?

This is the bike I'm trying to purchase. I literally want
this bike, the show model, not the production one, but
they won't sell it to me. It's got a 103"S&S Shovelhead
motor, baker trans, hardtail frame, open primary,
electric and kick start....pure awesomeness.

I wanna ride!!!!

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  1. It’s kind of unfortunate to know that the show was cut back that year. It’s not that bad, though, because you were privileged to get a close look at Valentino Rossi’s bike. That’s enough to say that this show was a success. Anyway, how were the shows these past couple of years?

    Katelynn Woodbury